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      วิเคราะห์บอล ลียง

      CAA Rewards
      CAA Approved Auto Repair
      At Canada Auto in Winnipeg, we specialize in import & domestic auto service, and engine/driveshaft rebuilding and balancing.

      We offer one day service on most repairs and a 1 year conditional warranty on all our work.

      Is your Check Engine light on?
      Are your Brakes Squeaking?
      Would you like to get better gas mileage?
      Is your Engine Running Rough?
      Do you need your Oil Changed?
      Are you bouncing all over the road?
      Are your tires balder than you are?
      Strange noises from strange places?
      Air Conditioning hot and your heater cold?
      Need an M.P.I. safety inspection?
      Does your car just need some T.L.C.?


      Consumer Choice Award
      Better Business Bureau
      FREE Warning Light Scan
      If a warning light is on, your vehicle is telling you it has a problem! We will report your trouble codes for FREE.

      Check out our services catalogue for more information.

      Good Year Kelly Tires Dunlop Tires
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